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Wild Boar Guns

The Wild Boar Guns Story

Wild Boar Guns is a family owned and operated FFL. We strive to find every customer what they want but not simply what we have. When we set out it was our goal, will remain our goal, to find quality products at low prices so our customers can save with out skimping.

In 2012 WBG opened for business with a simple blog. This was a simple way to post information and communicate with our customers. However, as WBG business started to grow we needed a cleaner, more user-friendly, stronger platform. Just like a beloved .22 rifle it is hard, maybe impossible, to part with. However, eventually bigger game comes along and old-faithful .22 tin dropper, though willing, is unable to meet demands. So the spirit of our humble beginnings will be carried with us and the lessons learned will not be forgot.

Credits: Graphic designs by Logan Burnside - burnsidelogan@gmail.com

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